14K Wholesale Gold Jewelry Findings

We offer a wide range of 14K wholesale gold jewelry findings at affordable prices for jewelry makers and craft store retailers alike!

14K Gold – 14K gold is comprised of 58% pure gold and 42% other types of metal (usually silver or nickel). Pure gold, or 24K, is almost never used in jewelry because it is too soft. Mixing gold with other metals not only makes it more affordable, but it also makes it much more durable. Jewelry is often made with 14K gold because it will not scratch or bend as easily as higher karats. Lower karat gold is a brighter yellow tone than pure gold – the deeper the gold hue, the higher the karat.

From clasps, to beads, to chains, Multi Creations stocks all of the wholesale gold filled jewelry supplies you need to craft handmade jewelry or stock your shelves.

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